AAA Zircon Beads

Rough Blue

Although the history of Zircon Gemstone dates back to ancient times but still it is one of the not so famous gemstone as compared to other gemstone used for jewelry items. During the eleventh century this gemstone was worn as an amulet by the travelers who moved from one place to another for business. It was believed that use of this gemstone will protect them from any kind of misfortune. Similarly during the medieval period use of this stone was considered helpful for bringing good sleep to the user, strengthening their financial status and bringing honor and respect to them. The stone is mainly extracted in igneous and metamorphic rocks found in Nigeria, Tanzania, Mozambique, Madagascar, Afghanistan, Australia and Pakistan. It is believed that use of this gemstone brings mental peace to the user and is helpful in boosting his self confidence. It also brings good fortunes and loves to the user. To enjoy the benefits of all these factors, you will find wind range of Zircon gemstone in different shapes of Flat Pear Briolette, Tear Drop Briolette, Faceted Nuggets, Twisted Flat Pear, and Chandelier Briolette at the online stone of Ratna Sagar.

Blue Zircon - Flat Pear Briolette (ZIR5)

Zircon Gemstone  Flat Pear Briolette

Blue Zircon - Tear Drop Briolette (ZIR7)

Zircon Gemstone Tear Drops Briolette

Blue Zircon - Faceted Nugget (ZIR8)

Zircon Gemstone  Faceted Nuggets

Blue Zircon - Twisted Flat Pear (ZIR9)

Zircon Gemstone  Twisted Flat Pear

Blue Zircon - Chandelier Briolette (ZIR10)

Zircon Gemstone Chandelier Briolette
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