Wholesale-Scapolite Gemstone Beads

Rough Scapolite

Also called as Wernerite, Scapolite is one of the exceptional gemstones found on earth. The stone mainly falls in families of both Marialite and Meionite minerals, both of which are difficult to find. Its hardness of Mohs scale is 5 and due to softness the stone can be easily cut into different shapes and designs for making jewelry items like bracelets, pendants, necklaces and rings. Scapolite is also considered as the poor conductor of fire and therefore it is mainly used for making fancy jewelry items. The color of gemstone varies from colorless to green, grey, pink, red, yellow and brown. It is believed that purple colored Scapolite impacts the decision taking ability of person, especially on matters which greatly influence his life. Use of Scapolite gemstone as mentioned above enhances the self-determination and generates feelings of positivity in life. It also strengthens the person to take every challenge with full courage and face the problems open heartedly.

Scapolite Gemstone - Faceted Rondelle (SCP1)

Scapolite Gemstone Faceted Rondelles

Scapolite Gemstone - Puffed Diamond Cut (SCP3)

Scapolite Gemstone Cushion Shape Beads

Scapolite Gemstone - Chandelier Briolette (SCP4)

Scapolite Gemstone  Chandelier Briolette

Scapolite Gemstone - Concave Cut Pan (SCP5)

Scapolite Gemstone Concave Cut Pan

Scapolite Gemstone - Oval Faceted (SCP6)

Scapolite Gemstone Oval Faceted
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