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Green is the color of nature and beauty and have you ever imagined a gemstone that has a beautiful color and appearance and the one that makes you look beautiful and stunning in almost any attire? Peridot gemstone beads are the gemstones that have a stunning green color and the looks that make it the best gemstone to be chosen or gemstone studded jewelry. The history of Peridot Gemstone beads dates back to ancient times when it was called as Chrysolite by the ancient people. Apart from this description about Peridot gemstone is also found in Bible and is considered as the holy stone by the Christians. Its hardness on Mohs scale falls in range of 6.5 to 7. Peridot is mainly found only in deep green color. It is composed from three minerals namely iron, magnesium and silicate. This stone is mainly found in areas with abundance of Ophiolite mainly in Australia, Pakistan, Arizona, Egypt, Brazil, Kenya, China, Tanzania and Mexico. Ever since the gemstone has found its existence it has become the creators best gemstone and the best gemstone for all kinds of gemstone studded jewelry. Check the online catalog of Peridot gemstone beads on the online store of Ratna Sagar Jewels and buy Peridot gemstone beads in various shapes.

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Peridot Gemstone - Faceted Rondelle (PER1)

Peridot Gemstone Beads  Faceted Roundels

Peridot Gemstone - Dew Drop Briolette (PER6)

Peridot Gemstone Beads  Dew Drops

Peridot Gemstone - Marquise Cut (PER3)

Peridot Gemstone Beads  Marquise

Peridot Gemstone - Heart Briolette (PER2)

Peridot Gemstone Beads  Heart Briolette

Peridot Gemstone - Tear Drop Briolette (PER5)

Peridot Gemstone Beads  Tear Drops Briolette
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