Tulip Flower Shape Gemstone Beads

Tulips are one of the most beautiful and loved flower. Inspired from its beauty Ratna Sagar Jewels presents tulip flower gemstone beads. The tulip symbolizes true love, royalty, cheerful thoughts and happiness. When you are going for tulip flower shape then automatically these qualities of shape get unified with the strength of gemstone making it more powerful. The manufacturing process of gemstone is very tough as it needs utmost precision to carve out the shape. The shape is made by our highly experienced & skilled artisans using the latest technology. Every piece is carefully checked to ensure that it is uniform. Browse through our online store to buy tulip flower gemstone beads in precious and semi precious gemstone and fill your life with the beauty of the amazing shape.

Bi-color Quartz - Tulip Flower (BCQ3)

Bi-color Quartz Flower Beads

Rose Quartz - Tulip Flower (RQ15)

Rose Quartz Tulip Flower Beads

Black Rutilated Quartz - Tulip Flower (BRQT6)

Black Rutilated Quartz Tulip Flower Beads

Smoky Quartz - Tulip Flower (SMKQ18)

Smoky Quartz Tulip Flower Beads

Fluorite Gemstone - Tulip Flower (FLR15)

Fluorite Gemstone Tulip Flower Beads
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