Trilliant Shape Gemstone Beads

With new shapes being constantly introduced in the jewelry market, Ratna Sagar Jewels take a step in the direction and introduces a shape that will win your heart in the very first look – Trilliant Shape. The gemstone in triangular cut has curved/uncurved sides. Trillions with straight sides are usually used as side stones in a setting, while stones with slightly curved sides are used as center stones. Depth in a Trilliant cut is an important factor to consider as it can greatly affect the fire and brilliance of the stone. The gemstone beads in the shape look simply stunning. If you are a gem lover and don’t have the shape then surely your collection is going to miss its soul. The manufacturing process of gemstone is very tough as it needs utmost precision to carve out the shape. The product is made by our highly experienced & skilled artisans using the latest technology. Every piece is carefully checked to ensure that it is uniform. Browse through our online store to buy Trilliant shaped gemstone beads to make a classy style statement.

Garnet Gemstone- Trilliant Cut (GAR12)

Garnet Gemstone Trilliant

Blue Topaz - Trilliant Cut (BLT9)

Blue Topaz Gemstone Trilliant

Lemon Quartz - Trilliant Cut (LMQ8)

Lemon Quartz  Trilliant Beads

Pink Topaz - Trilliant Cut (PTZ3)

Pink Topaz Gemstone  Trilliant

Smoky Quartz - Trilliant Cut (SMKQ10)

Smoky Quartz Gemstone  Trilliant Cut
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