Tear Drop Plain Gemstone Beads

Shapes play an integral part in selection of gemstone. You will easily find gemstone of your choice but finding a shape that catches your fascination is pretty tough. Most of you would like to go for a shape that is stylish, gracious and evergreen as changing of gems frequently is not possible. Here, we introduce a new shape that is not only eye-catching but has an evergreen shape that you would always love – plain tear drop shape. Plain tear drop shape is one of the fascinating shapes introduced by Ratna Sagar Jewels for the new gemstone collection. The shape has been created by our in house artisans having tremendous experience in making gemstone beads. Browse through our online store to buy plain tear drop shape gemstone beads of your choice at great price.

Sea Blue Chalcedony - Tear Drops Plain (DCHL2)

Dyed Blue Chalcedony Plain Tear Drops

Labradorite Gemstone- Tear Drops Plain (LBT8)

Labradorite Gemstone Tear Drops Plain

Ruby Gemstone - Tear Drops Plain (RU3)

Ruby Gemstone Plain Tear Drops

Chalcedony Gemstone - Tear Drops Plain (CHL5)

Chalcedony Gemstone Plain Tear Drops

Crystal Gemstone - Tear Drops Plain (CRS12)

Crystal gemstone Plain Tear Drops
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