Three Piece Set Stud Jewelry

“You can’t possess radiance; you can only admire it.” But what if you can possess radiance in some form? Gemstones are the only way you can seize radiance in its best forms. A woman’s love for gemstone is one that’s true and a kind that’ll never fade away with time. Understanding how fond these women are about gemstones, Ratna Sagar is brought their amazing collection of gemstone beads in the extraordinary three piece set. The bright and the beautifully colored gemstones mesmerize the wearer while other people are seen stealing glances at that jewelry. Buy exclusive three piece sets from Ratna Sagar’s online jewelry store. The set we’re talking of will include a pair of gemstone studded earrings and a similar pendant. This is the appropriate set to buy to bring that perfect look to your dress and the glow on your face. We only use pure 18 and 22 Karat Gold and genuine gemstones for manufacturing three piece jewellery set.

Iolite- Three Piece Set (TPS2)

18K Gold Earring With Pendent

Iolite- Three Piece Set (TPS3)

18K Gold Three Piece Set

Amethyst- Three Piece Set (TPS22)

18 K Gold earring with Pendent