Strawberry Quartz Beads

Rough Strawberry

The bright red colour of Strawberry Quartz will make you fall in love with it in a very first look. It is a rare variety of quartz. The shade of the Strawberry Quartz varies from pink to bright red. The beautiful quartz is a favourite of gemstone lovers from around the world. The Strawberry Quartz is also known as heart quartz. It will help you to get your true love. The quartz will fill your life with love & happiness. The powerful quartz is a boon to people seeking the spiritual path. It helps you to connect with the universal energy which will enlighten your spiritual journey. All of us have curiosity about our previous births and few are blessed to know about it. Meditating with Strawberry Quartz helps the individuals to learn about their past life.
The Pink Strawberry Quartz helps you come out of emotional turmoil in life. It evokes a feeling love and strength. Helps to fight stress. In today’s fast paced life, most of the people are highly stressed. The strawberry quartz helps you come out stress. It helps in striking a balance between work and relationship.
Wearing strawberry quartz in jewelry evokes gratitude and generosity in the person. Also, it develops an aura that makes the wearer standout from the rest. It helps you unite with your soul mate. A very few people are lucky to meet their soul mate in life. The incredible strawberry quartz helps you meet your soul-mate and unite with her forever.
All these incredible powers of Strawberry Quartz makes it a must gem to possess. We Ratna Sagar Jewels, the renowned Online Gemstone Store to buy stunning variety of genuine Strawberry Quartz in array of colours, shapes and sizes at an affordable price.

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Strawberry Quartz- Faceted Rondelle (SBQZ1)

Strawberry Quartz Faceted Rondelle

Strawberry Quartz- Heart Briolette (SBQZ1688)

Strawberry Quartz Heart Briolette

Strawberry Quartz- Oval Faceted (SBQZ1690)

Strawberry Quartz Oval Faceted

Strawberry Quartz- Flat Pear Briolette (SBQZ1692)

Strawberry Quartz Flat Pear Briolette

Strawberry Quartz- Chandelier Briolette (SBQZ1693)

Strawberry Quartz Chandelier Briolette