Ruby Zoisite Gemstone Beads

Rough Ruby

Ruby Zoisite is a beautiful stone which contains properties of both ruby and zoisite merged in one stone. Ruby Zoisite is also known as Anyolite. As an impact of two stones merged in it the color of ruby zoisite varies from pink to magenta red to grass green. The hardness of zoisite on Mohs scale is falls between 5.5 to 6.5 but when combined with ruby its hardness on Mohs scale measures to 9. It is said that ruby zoisite generates an aura of positive energy around the user and is helpful in enhancing the physical ability of the user. The main role in generating the aura of positive energy and enhancing physical ability is played by ruby which in itself is a passionate stone helping the user to maintain control on his anger and emotions. The use of stone is considered helpful in healing the emotions of the persons who has suffered an emotional trauma or has been ditched by someone in love. Apart from being considered as the stone of broken hearts, Ruby Zoisite is also considered as the best stone for enhancing the fertility ability of the user. It is also helpful in strengthening the immune system of the user and also enhances his creativity.

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Ruby Zoisite- Heart Briolette (RBZ2)

Ruby Zoisite  Heart Briolette

Ruby Zoisite- Flat Pear Briolette (RBZ1)

Ruby Zoisite  Flat Pear Briolette

Ruby Zoisite- Faceted Nugget (RBZ3)

Ruby Zoisite  Faceted Nuggets

Ruby Zoisite- Faceted Rondelle (RBZ4)

Ruby Zoisite  Faceted Rondelles