Rose Quartz Gemstone Beads

Rough Rose

Rose is considered as the king of flowers and therefore it would not be wrong to say that Rose quartz gemstone carries the same characteristic to huge extent. It is a multifarious gemstone which blessed with various incredible properties and features. Its color mainly varies from rose red to light pink. It is also referred as love stone which truly admires an unconditional love for beloved ones. Use of this gemstone explores love, energy and friendship. The worth mentioning benefit of using Rose Quartz Gemstone is that it is considered is the best stone for healing problems associated with heart chakra. Its hardness on Mohs scale measures to 7. Although it is found in various corners of the world but main source of its extraction is Brazil. Rose quartz gemstone is also regarded as feminine stone. Astrologically it is associated with Mars, Moon, Venus and Neptune. The beautiful light pink color of rose quartz gemstone beads is something that makes this gemstone the love of this age and each person now has a certain kind of affection for Rose Quartz gemstone beads. In case you love the color of the gemstone and want to have at least one accessory that is studded with Rose Quartz gemstone beads, then there is no better time than this to make your first order for rose quartz gemstone beads.

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Rose Quartz - Half Moon Cut (RQ1)

Rose Quartz Gemstone  Moon Shape

Rose Quartz - Chandelier Briolette (RQ3)

Rose Quartz Gemstone  Chandelier Briolette

Rose Quartz - Faceted Rondelle (RQ4)

Rose Quartz Gemstone  Faceted Rondelles

Rose Quartz - Concave Cut Heart (RQ5)

Rose Quartz Gemstone Concave Cut Faceted Heart

Rose Quartz - Faceted Nugget (RQ7)

Rose Quartz Gemstone  Faceted Nuggets
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