Plain Round Gemstone Beads

Beauty is in Simplicity!!! Simplicity is in the little things around us. Inspired from it we bring to you plain round beads. The plain round beads available at the online store of Ratna Sagar Jewels are the simplest yet one of the most beautiful gemstone shapes. The shape seems simple but manufacturing process is pretty challenging as making a round shape is tough. Let us take a look at the manufacturing process. It starts with the separation of the clear part from the raw material. The next step involves micro cutting the gemstone using the traditional Ghaat machines. Since these are plain round beads and need no faceting, therefore the cutting part is followed by smoothening. Drilling is the next process and it requires a .40mm or.50mm wire. The last step in the manufacturing of plain round beads is handpicking the selected beads and making strands of either 8 inches or 16 inches. Check the online collection of these perfectly round beads to buy.

Pearl - Plain Round (PRL1)

Pearl Plain Round

Pearl - Plain Round (PRL2)

Pearl  Plane Round

Pearl - Plain Round (PRL4)

Pearl Plane Round

Pearl - Plain Round (PRL5)

Pearl  Plane Round

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise - Plain Round (SBT4)

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise  Plane Round
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