Ruby and Sapphire Plain Beads

When buying gemstone you will surely consider shape of the gemstone along with the quality. A search for a unique shape is always a quest of a gem lover. We understand it very well, so have come up with a shape that is combination of style as well as simplicity – plain rondelles shape for gemstone beads. Browse through our wide range of plain rondelles shaped gemstone beads and purchase the one of your choice with a simple click of button. We offer you at an unbelievable wholesale price.

Turquoise Gemstone - Plain Rondelle (TUR11)

Turquoise Gemstone Plain Beads

Chrysoprase Gemstone- Plain Rondelle (CRY8)

Chrysoprase Gemstone Plain Beads

Ruby Gemstone - Plain Rondelle (RU12)

Ruby Gemstone Plain Beads

Green Apatite - Plain Rondelle (GA5)

Green Apatite Gemstone Plain Beads

Sapphire Gemstone - Plain Rondelle (SPH9)

Sapphire Gemstone Plain Beads
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