Pink Amethyst Gemstone Beads

Rough Pink

Pink for years has been the color of simplicity, beauty and perfection, but when there is a pink gemstone pink becomes the color of utmost happiness and joy. While there are several pink colored gemstone beads but none as beautiful as Pink Amethyst- a form of amethyst that is brilliant and stunning. The name of Amethyst is derived from Greek word amethystos meaning an intoxicated and is one of the semi precious stones found on earth. In the ancient times it was believed that use of this gemstone protects the person from drunkenness. The Pink Amethyst Gemstone beads are not an exception to it. Often referred Rose De France its color varies from pink to pinkish mauve colored. It is mainly extracted in Brazil. It would be interested to know being the member of Amethyst gemstone, Pink Amethyst Gemstone beads is also blessed with various metaphysical properties. Its hardness on Mohs scale is 7. It is one of the best stones that you can ever choose for your gemstone studded jewelry; making it the best stone for women who love to wear pink in their jewelry. Ratna Sagar Jewels has an outstanding collection of Pink Amethyst gemstone beads in their store for you. They have made sure that it is just not the beauty of the gemstone but also its shapes that impress you, thus coming up with a catalog of Pink Amethyst shapes.

Pink Amethyst - Faceted Rondelle (PAT1)

Pink Amethyst  Faceted Rondelles

Pink Amethyst - Heart Briolette (PAT2)

Pink Amethyst  Heart Briolette

Pink Amethyst - Faceted Coin (PAT3)

Pink Amethyst  Coin

Pink Amethyst - Oval Faceted (PAT4)

Pink Amethyst  Oval Faceted

Pink Amethyst - Twisted Flat Pear (PAT5)

Pink Amethyst Twisted Flat Pear
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