Octagon Shape Gemstone Beads

Ratna Sagar Jewels brings to you amazing collection of gemstone in octagon shape. A gemstone bead with eight sides and eight angles simply looks mesmerizing. In a very short time, octagon shaped gemstone beads have become the top selling shape for gemstones. The symbolic meaning of octagon makes it more valuable. The octagon shape represents Infinity, Totality, Evolution, Rebirth and Regeneration. When you go for a gemstone with the octagon shape then the qualities of shape get unified with the powers of stone. It makes the gemstone more powerful. Browse through our wide range of octagon gemstone beads and purchase the one you like with a simple click of button.

Citrine Gemstone - Octagon Cut (CIT4)

Citrine Gemstone  Octagons

Iolite Gemstone - Octagon Cut (IO7)

Iolite Gemstone Octagons

Amethyst Gemstone- Octagon Cut (AMT10)

Amethyst Gemstone Beads  Octagons

Garnet Gemstone- Octagon Cut (GAR10)

Garnet Gemstone Octagons

Blue Topaz - Octagon Cut (BLT6)

Blue Topaz Gemstone Octagons
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