Honey Quartz Gemstone Beads

Rough Honey

Honey Quartz, a natural stone (heated) belongs to Quartz family. The prime source of Honey Quartz is Brazil. Alike other minerals of quartz family Honey Quartz is also one of the easily available mineral extracted in different colors varying from dark honey color to golden or dark yellow or brown yellowish color. The appearance of color mainly depends on its cutting and the side faced towards sun. Measuring the hardness of 7 on Mohs scale Honey quartz is also sometimes spoken as golden quartz and yellow quartz. It would be interested to know that there are various metaphysical properties associated with Honey Quartz. Honey Quartz is believed to be the stone of success and brings wealth and success to business struggling to strengthen its position in market. This very beautiful honey colored quartz crystal is much known and praised for its color and the brilliance that comes with each angle of its cut. Ratna Sagars brilliant collection of Honey quartz gemstone beads in an equally brilliant collection of shapes is the best thing that you can get for your jewelry wardrobe.

Honey Quartz - Oval Faceted (HQ1)

Honey Quartz  Oval Faceted

Honey Quartz - Tear Drop Briolette (HQ2)

Honey Quartz  Tear Drops Briolette

Honey Quartz - Faceted Rondelle (HQ3)

Honey Quartz  Faceted Rondelles

Honey Quartz - Dolphin Briolette (HQ4)

Honey Quartz Dolphin Shape Beads

Honey Quartz - Heart Briolette (HQ5)

Honey Quartz Heart Briolette
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