18k Gold Wire and Findings

Jewelry is the most important part for a female’s attire due to the fact that it makes her appear beautiful, gorgeous and appealing. But on the other side of coin their beauty totally depends on jewelry and how is it designed and polished.If we do talk about look of jewelry then wiring is the first and vital part because with wiring we give shape to jewelry. Gold has been the first and the forever love of women and she is always mesmerized and fascinated by its glitz and glitter. Her love for gold is genuine and to increase it several fold why not to choose Gold Wires to make the best jewelry. Simple Gold wires are a major component and are used to make different kind of jewelry like rings, bracelets, earrings and necklaces.Ratna Sagar Jewels has a wide range of gold wires and by using them you can make an effortless precious jewelry. Browse through our variety of materials that you need to craft beautiful handmade wire work jewelry.

18k Gold Jewelry Designer Wire(GWF128)

18k Gold Jewelry Designer Wire

18k Gold Plain Round Wire(GWF129)

18k Gold Plain Round Wire

18k Gold Narrow Pipe Beads(GWF130)

18k Gold Narrow Pipe Beads

18k Gold Pendent Hanger(GWF131)

18k Gold Pendent Hanger

18k Gold Round Wire With Ball at End(GWF132)

18k Gold Round Wire With Ball at End