Moon Flower Cut - Gemstone Beads

Flowers are very beautiful. They evoke a feeling of love, beauty and affection. Ratna Sagar Jewels presents to you wonderful collection of gemstone in flower beads shape. A look at our gemstone flower beads is enough to make you fall in love with them. If you are gem lover then your collection is going to be incomplete without out gemstone flower beads. Take a look at our collection that includes Blue Turquoise, Pink Opal, Blue Topaz and Green Onyx in flower bead shape. We will happily customize gemstone of your choice into dazzling flower beads.

Turquoise Gemstone - Moon Flower Cut (TUR10)

Turquoise Gemstone Flower Beads

Pink Opal - Moon Flower Cut (PNKO6)

Pink Opal Gemstone  Gemstone Flower Beads

Blue Topaz - Moon Flower Cut (BLT12)

Blue Topaz Gemstone  Flower Beads

Green Onyx - Moon Flower Cut (GOX3)

Green Onyx  Gemstone Flower Beads

Green Amethyst - Moon Flower Cut (GRAMT8)

Green Amethyst Gemstone Flower Beads
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