Faceted Rectangle Gemstone Beads

Rectangles have much importance in our life rather than just being called a shape to study area and perimeters. Here, we are introducing to you Ratna Sagar’s Faceted Rectangle shape, an amazing shape that will win your heart with its classy design. The awe-inspiring shape represents beautifully the feeling of love. The faceted rectangle shape of gemstone beads is undoubtedly amazing. It needs immense experience, skill and hard work to make the shape. Let us take a quick look at its manufacturing process. 1. Separation of fine material from raw material. 2. Micro cutting the gemstones using Ghaat machines. 3. Faceting the gemstones either vertically or horizontally as per customer need. 4. Carefully smoothening the gemstone using Parsan Machines. 5. Drilling the gemstones using a wire that is either .40mm or .50mm in diameter. 6. The final step involves making 8 inches or 16 inches strands using handpicked beads. The faceted rectangle shape beads are available in various precious and semi precious stone. The most popular being Rainbow Moonstone, Amethyst Gemstone, Blue Topaz, Chrysoprase Gemstone, Peach Moonstone faceted rectangle beads. Order today Faceted rectangle gemstone Beads, and get the powers of gemstone in an amazing rectangular design.

Rainbow Moonstone - Faceted Rectangles (RMS1)

Rainbow Moonstone Faceted Rectangles

Amethyst Gemstone- Faceted Rectangles (AMT2)

Amethyst Gemstone Beads  Faceted Rectangles

Blue Topaz - Faceted Rectangles (BLT1)

Blue Topaz Gemstone Faceted Rectangles

Chrysoprase Gemstone- Faceted Rectangles (CRY1)

Chrysoprase Gemstone Faceted Rectangle

Peach Moonstone- Faceted Rectangles (PMS1)

Peach Moon Stone Faceted Rectangles
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