Faceted Nugget Gemstone Beads

The shape of gemstone plays a vital role in deciding its look. It’s the design that catches up the attention. A good design will make the wearer feel special and leave the onlookers stunned with its charm. The designs keep evolving with time; jewellery designers are constantly coming up with innovative shapes and patterns that look unique and stunning. One such cut that has caught up the fascination of jewel lovers from around the world is the Faceted Nugget Shape. Its beauty lies in its uneven shape, making it look simply alluring and unique.It unravels the splendor of stones hidden in artistic shape. A look at it will make you feel like the artisan has given gemstone a shape inspired from the beauty and calmness that lies undiscovered somewhere within us. The Faceted Nugget Gemstone Beads are wonderful symbol of craftsmanship of artisans. To make these gemstone shapes, six steps are followed. Step 1 - Selection of supreme quality gemstone. Step 2 - Micro cutting of gemstone using Ghaat machines to give it shape of faceted nuggets. Step 3- The nuggets are made smooth/polished using Parsan machines. Step 4: Gemstone are faceted either horizontally or vertically. Basically, depending on the requirement given by the client. Step 5: Next comes drilling, .40mm or .50mm wire is used. Step 6: It involves carefully hand picking up faceted gemstone beads and making 8 inch and 16 inch strands. The faceted nugget gemstone beads are available in various precious and semi-precious stone. The most popular being Lavender Quartz faceted gemstone beads, Pink Topaz faceted gemstone beads, and Tourmaline faceted gemstone beads etc. Order today Faceted Nugget Beads, and get the powers of gemstone in dazzling design.

Aquamarine - Faceted Nugget (AQU1)

Aquamarine Gemstone  Faceted Nuggets

Fluorite Gemstone - Faceted Nugget (FLR3)

Fluorite Gemstone Beads  Faceted Nuggets

Tourmaline Gemstone- Faceted Nugget (TOU8)

Tourmaline Gemstone Beads  Faceted Nuggets

Garnet Gemstone- Faceted Nugget (GAR6)

Garnet Gemstone Faceted Nuggets

Blue Topaz - Faceted Nugget (BLT3)

Blue Topaz Gemstone  Faceted Nuggets
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