Copper Sapphire Beads

Rough Copper

Ratna Sagar Jewels presents heartwarming collection of Copper Sapphire gemstone. The reddish brown gemstone is known for its natural attractive sheen. It is one of the rarest stones available in the world. The cooper sapphire is famous for its magical healing properties. Mediating with copper sapphire enlightens the spiritual path. It helps in connecting with power of the universe. Wearing Copper Sapphire in jewellery brings love, happiness and peace in life. It is a miracle gemstone for people suffering from depression and anxiety. It helps them overcome these problems. Copper Sapphire is known as a stone of artists. It evokes creativity and brings new ideas. The stone attracts tremendous wealth. It helps the wearer in fulfilling all his dreams. Copper Sapphire helps in improving communication. It helps in effectively expressing thoughts. The copper sapphire is also known as a stone for the businessman. It helps them succeed in business without ever compromising on integrity. If you are a gem collector or looking for a miracle stone to help you succeed in every facet of life then buy today premium quality Copper Sapphire Gemstone from Ratna Sagar Jewels. We are one-stop-destination for buying premium quality copper sapphire heart briolette and flat pear briolette at an affordable price.

Copper Sapphire- Heart Briolette (GDSP1)

Golden Moonstone Heart Briolette

Copper Sapphire- Flat Pear Briolette (GDSP1704)

Golden Sapphire Flat Pear Briolette