Faceted Coin Gemstone Beads

Have you ever wondered that you could wear coin shape around your neck in the form of gemstone beads? Not really? Well, we at Ratna Sagar Jewels have made it a reality. Visit our online store to see stunning coin shaped gemstone beads. We take immense pride in saying that we are the only store where you can get stunning coin shaped faceted beads. The top selling faceted coin shaped beads includes Smoky Quartz, Sea Blue Chalcedony, Pink Amethyst and faced coin shaped crystal Gemstone. Go ahead, select your favorite gemstone and get it customized from us in captivating faceted coin shape. A look at manufacturing process: Here is a sneak peek into the manufacturing process of faceted coin shaped beads: - First fine materials are selected from the raw material then gemstones are micro cut. The cutting process is carried out by Ghaat machines. The coin shape is given to the gemstones. They are faceted either horizontally or vertically. Once the gemstones are faceted, they are sent for smoothening using Parsan machines. Drilling is the next step that requires a .40mm or .50mm wire and the last step involve making 8 inches or 16 inches strands. Don’t forget to check the online collection of faceted coin shape beads at the online store of Ratna Sagar Jewels.

Smoky Quartz - Faceted Coin (SMKQ6)

Smoky Quartz Gemstone  Coin

Sea Blue Chalcedony - Faceted Coin (DCHL9)

Dyed Blue Chalcedony Coin

Pink Amethyst - Faceted Coin (PAT3)

Pink Amethyst  Coin

Semi Precious Gemstone Multi- Faceted Coin (SMP7)

Semi Precious Multi  Coin

Crystal Gemstone - Faceted Coin (CRS19)

Crystal Gemstone Beads Coin
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