Citrine Gemstone - Strand

Rough Citrine

Derived from French word Citrine meaning yellow, Citrine is the only member of quartz family which is bestowed with extreme clarity. Its color varies from yellow to orange, however to enhance its color it is heated at hot temperature. In the ancient times it was sometimes confused with topaz. As a general practice it is found in volcanic rocks especially in Madagascar, Brazil and United States. It is considered as the birth stone of persons born in month of November and also considered as the lucky stone for couple celebrating 13th year of their marriage anniversary. As it is an easily available stone it is an easy going stone which does not require specific care to look after it and can be worn in all types of working conditions whether you are working in water or in dust it can be easily cleaned. The hardness of stone measures 7.5 on Mohs scale which makes its scratch resistant. In earlier days it was regarded as stone protecting the user from the impact of plague, skin diseases and worst effects of evil spirits.

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Citrine Gemstone - Puffed Diamond Cut (CIT3)

Citrine Gemstone  Puffed Diamond Cut

Citrine Gemstone - Flat Pear Briolette (CIT2)

Citrine Gemstone  Flat Pear Briolette

Citrine Gemstone - Octagon Cut (CIT4)

Citrine Gemstone  Octagons

Citrine Gemstone - Pan Cut (CIT6)

Citrine Gemstone  Pan

Citrine Gemstone - Tear Drop Briolette (CIT7)

Citrine Gemstone  Tear Drops Briolette
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