Blue Topaz Gemstone India

Rough Blue

Blue Topaz gemstone is an exotic gemstone used in jewelry item and falls in category of semi precious gemstone. Normally this is considered as the birth stone of persons born in the month of November. It is derived from the Sanskrit word Tapas referring to heat or fire. This stone is regarded as the symbol of love and honesty. Apart from blue color it is also available in various other colors including orange, brown, green, pink, beige and red. The use of this gemstone dates back to period of ancient Greeks who used this gemstone due to various incredible powers adhered in it. Its rate on Mohs scale is scaled at 8.Apart from being used as jewelry it is also equipped with various healing powers and is considered as the best gemstone to be used for treatment of asthma, weak eye side, insomnia, and insanity. Blue Topaz comes from a range of different places, including India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Japan, Australia, Mexico and the USA. This gemstone may or may not be natural and it is just possible to create it by heating and irradiating the clear white topaz.

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Blue Topaz - Faceted Rectangles (BLT1)

Blue Topaz Gemstone Faceted Rectangles

Blue Topaz - Oval Faceted (BLT7)

Blue Topaz Gemstone  Oval Faceted

Blue Topaz - Heart Briolette (BLT4)

Blue Topaz Gemstone  Heart Briolette

Blue Topaz - Trilliant Cut (BLT9)

Blue Topaz Gemstone Trilliant

Blue Topaz - Octagon Cut (BLT6)

Blue Topaz Gemstone Octagons
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