Wholesale Calibrated Gemstone

Looking for marvellous calibrated stones to flaunt your unique style with sparkling of gems! Ratnasagarjewels is a well-recognized company known for its attractive range of gemstones, delivers calibrated size stones at unbelievable price range. With advanced cutting technology, we carved precision machine-cut calibrated semi-precious and precious gemstone that fits on the trendy requirements of fashionistas, jewelry points, retailers and many more. You can browse across different categories of calibrated gemstone including Andalusite, Black Moonstone, Black Rutilated Quartz, Blue Topaz, Black Spinel etc. All of our stones are 100% natural and has assured quality of AAA certification, so you don’t need to worry about the synthetic stones.

Beer Quartz - Round Facet (CUT_BRQ121)

Beer Quartz Round Facet

Bi-color Quartz - Octagon Cut (CUT_BCQ1)

Bi-color Quartz Octagon Cut

Black Moonstone - Round Facet (CUT_BMB1)

Black Moonstone

Black Rutilated Quartz - Octagon Cut (CUT_BRQT85)

Black Rutilated Quartz Octagon Cut

Black Rutilated Quartz - Round Facet (CUT_BRQT48)

Black Rutilated Quartz Round Facet
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