Calibrated Precious Gemstone

Calibrated precious gemstone is an essential ornament for the jewelry manufacturers. The exquisite assortment from princes cut rubies, sapphires to the diamond cut calibrated gems, we manufacture exuberant variety of gems that fits in every commercial as well as personal need. The on- hand sizes as well as custom sizes are available majorly at and we can ship the stock immediately to the customers. With the help of standard practices, gems cutting machinery and technology oriented gem mining, we carve beautiful pieces of calibrated gemstones that can serve multiple purposes. All of our gemstones are quality rich, AAA certified and tuned to purity.

Chalcedony Gemstone - Octagon Cut (CUT_CHL97)

Chalcedony Gemstone Octagon Cut

Champagne Citrine - Octagon Cut (CUT_CHCT72)

Chamoagne Citrine Octagon Cut

Champagne Citrine - Oval Facet (CUT_CHCT1)

Champagne Citrine

Chrome Diopside - Oval Facet (CUT_CHRD1)

Chrome Diopside Oval Facet

Citrine Gemstone - Oval Facet (CUT_CIT1)

Citrine Oval Faceted
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