Calibrated Oval Cut Gemstones

Delightful surprise that can be added into your joy-Buy an exclusive collection of sheen calibrated gemstone from online store. Our diligent craftsmanship, AAA assured quality, precise gem cutting machinery and focused approach on trendy designs makes our prestigious presence among the top gemstone manufactures. When you are looking for different cut and customized shapes, we have a special collection of calibrated gemstones that sparkle in your hand as a bracelet, in your finger as a ring, and on your neck as a necklace. We provide the perfect gem that exactly matches with your picture frame needs. Choose your favorite calibrated gem shapes among round, princess-cut, oval, marquise, pear to redefine your ensemble.

Fluorite Gemstone - Oval Facet (CUT_FLR105)

Fluorite Oval Facet

Fluorite Gemstone - Octagon Cut (CUT_FLR106)

Fluorite Gemstone Octagon Cut

Garnet Gemstone- Round Facet (CUT_GAR1)


Golden Rutilated Quartz - Oval Facet (CUT_GRQ57)

Golden Rutilated Quartz Oval Facet

Golden Rutilated Quartz - Round Facet (CUT_GRQ1)

Golden Rutilated Quartz Round Facet
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