Oval Cut Gemstone

Discover exceptional collection of calibrated gemstones at RatnaSagarJewels to fascinate your jewelry and fashion accessories. The gems are available in multifarious shapes such as round, pear, oval, octagon, cushion, marquise, trillion and more. Our jewelry experts with intensive experience in the specific industry assists you in choosing the right pair of calibrated stone that look fabulous in your ornament creations. With AAAA accreditation, we ensure that each gemstone matches the others for color, clarity and dimensions. Our sheen range of calibrated gems will fit in almost all commercial jewelry, such as rings, necklaces and bracelets.

Carnelian Gemstone- Octagon Cut (CUT_CAR87)

Carnelian Gemstone Octagon Cut

Carnelian Gemstone- Oval Facet (CUT_CAR53)

Carnelian Oval Facet

Carnelian Gemstone- Round Facet (CUT_CAR54)

Carnelian Gemstone Round Facet

Chalcedony Gemstone - Round Facet (CUT_CHL47)

Chalcedony Gemstone Round Facet

Chalcedony Gemstone - Oval Facet (CUT_CHL46)

Chalcedony Oval Facet
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