Calibrated Gemstone

Seeking to buy calibrated size gemstones to meet your exclusive jewelry requirements, is a one-stop online platform serving tens of thousands of customers, fashion designers, and retailers with its portfolio of offerings. Calibrated Gemstones offered by us will enable you to produce pieces showcasing uniformity in color and quality. With right blend of technology, industry-wide experience, and talented artisans – we deliver customized calibrated gemstone in a variety of shapes and sizes, including Oval Cabochon, Faceted Oval and Faceted Round in Amethyst Gemstone, Ametrine gemstones. Our exquisite range of calibrated precious and semi-precious gemstone beads are backed by AAA certification. We embark on the latest stone cutting techniques and are capable of meeting surging market demands without compromising with the quality and sheen factors.

Amazonite Gemstone- Round Facet (CUT_AZT1)

Amazonite Gemstone Round Facet

Amethyst Gemstone- Oval Facet (CUT_AMT1)

Amethyst Oval Facet

Amethyst Gemstone- Round Facet (CUT_AMT65)

Amethyst Gemstone Round Facet

Ametrine Gemstone- Oval Facet (CUT_AMTR1)

Ametrine Gemstone

Beer Quartz - Oval Facet (CUT_BRQ1)

Beer Quartz Oval Facet
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