Cut Stone Suppliers

Embellished by chic and classic design, driven by trust, is a specialized online cut stones supplier from where you can pick your favorite pair of calibrated gems at wholesale prices. The main objective of our jewelry manufacturing is service above price and quality value above the sale. We endeavor to deliver precise, machine-cut gems that fit easily to your desired choice of ring, necklace, bracelet and other fashion jewelry. Each piece of calibrated gemstone consists of an entire history of folk fore. We have specialized craftsmanship that design and carve marvelous pieces of gems that complement your style.

Lapis Gemstone - Oval Facet (CUT_LA107)

Lapis Gemstone Oval Facet

Lavender Quartz- Round Facet (CUT_LQ62)

Lavender Quartz

Lavender Quartz- Oval Facet (CUT_LQ1)

Lavender Quartz

Lemon Quartz - Oval Facet (CUT_LMQ1)

Lemon Quartz Oval Facet

Lemon Quartz - Round Facet (CUT_LMQ61)

Lemon Quartz Round Facet
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